PvP Is A Bad Experience

Whether it’s the ridiculously lopsided teams, the amazingly horrible spawns, or the super slow load in and out times; your PvP is one of the worst out there. Add on your monetizing literally every aspect of this game, it’s like you haven’t been paying attention these last few years. I know you’ll dupe a bunch of teenagers into stealing their parent’s credit cards to buy that stuff, but I won’t be; especially when the gaming experience is this bad. I hated Halo 5 but I’m actually stunned that this is your follow-up.


Yeah man, for some reason Halo is doubling the numbers of any other arena FPS out there right now. interesting.

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The only map that I’ve had horrible spawns on is Streets.

Load in times are dependent on people’s systems. As there is no way to turn of cross play you have to wait on original Xbox One and lower end PC users to load. I’ve had games load in 3 seconds and ones that took about a minute and a half when I play with some PC friends. On the other hand, the animation that shows off the 4 Spartans on your squad is super annoying and I wish the match would just start.

IDK how to feel about lopsided teams since that has always been a thing. Not just in Halo but FPS games in general. Many times I feel like I get thumbless potatoes on my team while the other team is a 4 stack with perfect communication.

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