PvP Aim Assist Confusion

I’ve reread the flight takeaways post from Uny and I’m confused. For me and my friends, we felt the aim assist wasn’t present in PvP, but was present against the bots. It was jarring to play against bots, then have your aiming be more difficult against other players. I play on PC with controller, so having absolutely no help regarding aim is a little disheartening. Really wish their no aim assist for PC would apply based on input rather than platform :confused: Is this what they’re going with or am I misunderstood?


I am glad they at least mentioned the concerns regarding aiming, and I do hope that their changes they have made feel good. However, I do completely agree still that aim assist when playing in training mode against bots felt way better and more “Halo” than pvp matchmaking did. It really was like playing two different games, especially with the precision weapons. I imagine this won’t be the last time we are all in these forums talking about how PC controller aiming feels bad.


bots are predictable, players are not. that is the big difference when trying to use the aim assist.

your problem is this. aim assist only activates when the reticle touches an enemy but as soon as your reticle stops touching the player, aim assist deactivates and then aiming is much harder.

This is bad design in my opinion as some weapons need more aim assist than others. Weapons like the sniper and BR need little aim assist as they dont require constant accuracy to kill someone as they fire in bursts which is why aiming with those felt decent enough in the flights.

Automatic (fast firing) weapons require a bigger reticle stickeness radius as they require constant acccuracy. this is why people had a real issue with the commando hitting moving targets because the stickiness is so small.

Its even a little issue with the AR, evident with the terrible aim in that IGN first gameplay video when he was wildly messing up his aim. Even a casual shouldnt be aiming that bad. Its a problem with the aim assist stickiness that feels worse at close range with fast moving targets

been playing in 60 fps on controller compared to 30fps in the flights and aiming is much better especially with my aim settings. I can actually use the SK consistently now. SK is still a hard weapon to use though which i like about it, . people with 30 fps should be given easier aim assist. weapons llike the commando with small reticles need a buff in aim assist regardless.