Maybe something is on the way? :-

Man i hope that 343i is planning in releasing some warzone-firefight mash up later, the gameplay of this halo will make an horde mode awesome.
On the other side it will suck is we receive another spartan ops season I didn’t think it were so good in h4

Feedback is heard… I think they are trying to plan it. Hopefully it’s in development already.

The Hype Train is in full force. In all seriousness though, this would be awesome.


Bonnie is awesome. Firefight and/or Spartan Ops!!! Pretty please!

Could this be the big surprise that the new years message was talking about? That would be amazing!

Gosh I hope so. I would love a Warzone variant with more of PvE focus

Lets not go and get our hopes up everybody. Just be grateful that there was some sort of acknowledgement of our existence.