PvE Would've Been Appreciated

Their lack of mods in favor of pushing out this lackluster F2P MP experience goes to show they are in it for profits over making a quality game.

Firefight was always a great time, I never did like Warzone and Warzone FF definitely missed the mark for me (I find the bosses boring in comparison to overwhelming numbers).
I will gladly pay for a Firefight or horde/survival type mode.

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All in All i would consider H5 FF as my absolute Favorite and one of the reasons seem to be like quite the opposite to you, for me it felt like H5 FF finally have gotten proper bosses. The REG System added to the Sandbox due so many stuff to tinker around with and made them even finally fun to use. What for me personally missed the mark for the best FF is the online-only-multiplayer-matchmaking aspect about it. i simply prefer to have the choice to mess around private solo or with friends in these Modes.

Topic, i agree with you. I would love to see FF and even Spartan Ops, and i also hope they give us AI Tools for Forge. That being said, i kinda also see a huge Value in terms of Campaign if it comes down thanks the “Open World’ish” Nature, there is also a lot of stuff which could enhance and add to it, revisit the world outside of the Story. Imagine like a Flood Event where huge parts of the maps are infested and you have to avoid them and capture this enemy bases(sorry i hardly remember all english names). Or a Event where you have to throw this expolsive crates around to kill a number of enemies and only with that. Heck they even could implement/add (small) Firefight / SpartanOps Variant into it, like the base you capture you can (would make more sense when co-op is added) you can trigger/activate firefight mode and you have to defend them from incoming banished and such. So much Possibiliies <3 it makes me geniunly excited.

Man, for me players are way too sweaty, ESPECIALLY in quick play. I’m not a competitive person, it brings the worst out in me, so I’d prefer to have a PvE option and right now that’s only bots. And not gonna lie, these marine bots are way too easy and I wish they’d up the difficulty to atleast ODST. But I really do hope we get Firefight too, it was my favorite in Reach

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I feel ESports is ruining Halo.


We will get more PVE stuff eventually. Warzone, Firefight, more campaign stuff, possibly with our MP spartan as the main character.

Do you have evidence to back up this assertion? I kind of doubt Halo Infinite will be getting Warzone

I would very much welcome Firefight returning, but I feel like the open world elements in campaign will provide opportunities to scratch that itch with the Outposts and similar

This may be a side topic alongside this but I actually am sticking to PvE than PvP. From the daily challenge giving you 50 exp per game, that’s 20 games to reach the next battle pass rank. It took me nearly 10 minutes to complete a PvP game and 3 minutes to complete a PvE game. It’ll take me roughly an hour to rank up in PvE and 3 hours and 30’ish minutes to rank up while playing PvP.

Looks like I’ll be sticking to PvE for awhile till 343i change the way challenges are given/set. Nothing wrong with how Halo MCC’s challenges were given. Simple precision kills and using certain weapons to obtain a certain amount of kills was rewarding.

I think them working on Co-op campaign says a lot. I think all of those firefight and Spartan ops situations are going to be in the campaign alone. Still, I think firefight differs because you pick a map and settings and go at it. Maybe they will have firefight where you can pick sections of zeta halo and still have firefight options to pick from.

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Knowing the content is being drip-feed, it’s hard to get into a game that is half-backed. There is a hell of a lot not being released when the campaign releases.

I get it, it takes a lot of work creating a game so in that aspect, I have respect for the devs that do the actual work, but this drip-feed nonsense kills any PvE incentive to want to play, and Bungie when it comes to Destiny has mastered that. It is way too easy to get burnt out on just playing one or two things and the company saying “will add more content later”. By then that incentive, the hype, etc… to want to play the new content has been smashed.

Take forge world for an example. For me, it’s the only content out of Halo that is well worth the time spent playing Halo. You actually have to use your brain :joy:

So from reading some of the posts, and this could be fake news, but I have to wait 9 months for content that should be released when the campaign is released. How is anyone excited about that?

What 343 is telling me is that I have to wait another year just to actually get a full game, and to me, that is 100% BS, yet they sure as hell made sure to cash-grab with this bata that looks, feels, and some of the music sounds like (CoD.) So I’m like WTF?

After seeing what they have done with this bata, and I don’t care about what adjustment they will make later, (first impressions actually matter.) The campaign has me really worried about how much or how little will we actually get because firefight is just going to be another repetitive activity that will promote the stupid shop most companies are using nowadays.

I think a PvE mode outside of Campaign would be a welcome return.

Maybe it can be incorporated into the Challenge / XP system like in MCC.

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Steitzer voice lines in the flight introducing “warzone” and “firefight”.

I dont think 343i will ever give us an evolved version of Reach’s firefight. If you look at 343i track record their “evolution” mostly involves adapting other mechanics and designs from popular games instead of focusing on the rich content Halo has provided over the years.

Bungie left behind a lot of cool tools for 343i to experiment with, yet we havent seen them adapt any of the Firefight, Commendations, game modes, or progression systems in a true evolutionary state. Usually abandoment or stripped down verson.

Ive we do get PVE you best believe it will be some sort of cash grab.

TOTALLY AGREE !! Halo 5’s Warzone Firefight is excellent and Infinite absolutely needs it as well.

I think if we get Firefight, we get warzone. It’s too easy to adapt a firefight map to run warzone or assault.

My guess is that there’s gonna be Firefight or similar update in the future.

Like someone else said, where is your proof for any of this?

People need to stop defending lack of important features with stuff like this where they have exactly zero proof to back it up.

The thing about FF is how quickly it became established as a ‘Halo Mode’. Bungie beta tested it with ODST, and then a year later, brought it into Reach with bells, whistles, and an insane amount of customisation options. If anything, it hit its peak almost too quickly.

343 put their PVE eggs in the Spartan Ops basket, and it tried to combine the FF mode with more of an episodic story. Ultimately FF fans had to endure story fluff they didn’t ask for, and campaign fans got narratively driven busy work, all in a small map.

Warzone was a weird mix of BTB, Objective and PVE modes, that while fun, didn’t scratch the PVE itch that FF did.
So much so that they responded with a WZFF mode, that on the whole wasn’t bad, and the closest 343 have gotten to true FF.

Given this, I assumed that they would work on a more classic FF mode for Infinite. Maybe they still are? Or maybe the Forge is going to be so advanced that we’ll be able to pretty much recreate classic FF within it. Imagine FF modes that can incorporate PVP elements, and all the weird mini-games that could be born from it.
Soothing like this would be worth the wait for Forge.


Something I greatly appreciate from PvE modes is playing like mini campaigns that don’t have to be directly attached to eachother. Like spartan ops sorta but without any pretense of these missions being related to eachother so they can just give us random but fun missions to go do.

Of course I don’t want recycled content but I would love like a super spartan ops essentially. More fleshed out and properly balanced?

Also of course firefight has its own place in the PvE scene I can’t deny horde modes I love that stuff too but sometimes I feel like fighting in an unchanging arena gets stale after some time I get bored of firefight frequently so I only play it sparingly.

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