PvE Would've Been Appreciated

I feel like ever since Spartan Ops we’ve regressed with PvE options in Halo.

Firefight was chaotic & it worked, you could load in with a friend & let loose until the sky goes dark, but now Halo is being pushed further away from such social activities, the game truly feels like it was built around competitive for the sake of establishing a foothold in e-sports.

I’m not expecting Firefight tomorrow, or next week, but it would be nice to at the least see where 343i stand on social PvE such as Firefight & I hope at the least if it ever does return we don’t get the Halo 5 rendition of the mode.

Where do you stand on this?


Where do you stand on this?

It’s important for a Halo game to have Firefight and I agree with you. I play bot slayer for PvE, but it’s just not the same. Here’s hoping that whenever Forge comes out, we can spawn AI enemies to create our own Firefight levels :crossed_fingers:


I’m scared it will take them as much time as with halo 5 to get firefight out, if they even make it at all.


True, it would be great if they said something about it. It’s practically a staple mode by now.

But, I have this feeling that they aren’t saying anything about firefight due to a possible tie-in with the main campaign story. Thus far, they’ve been fairly hush-hush about the campaign story.

Also, Halo Infinite is shooting for a 10 year game life. From what I noticed, the MP tutorial dialogues with Spartan Commander Agryna kinda-sorta hint that we might have our custom spartan on Zeta Halo. A better more realized Spartan Ops anyone? It’d be a real misstep if they didn’t do something like this for a 10 year game.

Not trying to get anyone’s hopes up, but I definitely think we’ll get firefight/PvE/expanded co-op modes.


I’ve long out grown (aged out of?) Competitive multiplayer experiences. They just don’t appeal.

It’s why I liked Action Sack, Husky Raid etc, all crazy, all fun, just go mad and see what happens.

I was so sad to lose Spartan Ops in H5, and while I liked H5 Firefight, Reach FF was just… It was always fun. Always. One of the best parts was you could create your own match settings and still gain progression - for folks who didn’t get much out of competitive, it was a mode that said “this game welcomes you as well, come have some fun”.

I’m really enjoying Infinite MP, and it is JUST the MP right now, so hope lingers, but PvE is of much greater interest to my friends and I than PvP, and will sustain our interest and involvement a lot longer.

Unfortunately I do feel, personally, like H5 onwards, the push for e-sports has been tremendous, and very much at the cost of what I suspect is a quiet majority who really couldn’t give five Grunt Gonads about what team is doing what etc etc. Seriously. I get that some folks like e-sports. I get there’s money there. But pushing it so hard (IE: Pro Team colours etc in the Store) is a massive turnoff and makes me feel like Halo and I have grown apart.

It is what it is. I hope to be wrong. But life is change.


I am concerned that we are less than a month away from the official launch and 343i has not even been able to tell us a simple “Yes, we are working on PVE modes for our PVE community”. It’s frustrating to think that there is a possibility that they are going to focus exclusively on PVP leaving out a high percentage of their community.

Spartan Ops, Firefight, Warzone FT, we have very good examples of modes and content that could return, even more so now that they are trying so hard to give us the idea of “our Spartan is part of the history of Halo”, but still we do not know nothing about whether they will end up arriving or if they even have it in mind.

My only hope is the final sentence that Laurette Agryna says when we finish the academy, it sounds like we are going to have a Spartan Ops 2.0 and that gives me some tranquility.


Mate, the entire campaign story was leaked months ago. I won’t spoil anything but don’t go into it expecting a typical Halo game. It’s going to be like Far Cry.

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Oh snap! Didn’t realize.

Firefight should definitely return.
Seems like something they can release at a later date at least.

The beta is pretty bare bones in terms of maps and modes so I’m sure more is coming - hopefully they don’t wait too long though.


Of course we will have a chance to buy it later via some another sweet microstransaction or as stand-alone additional content :blush:

I’d actually be interested to see what the player counts were for PvE modes in Halo games. I know they had their fans, but I don’t know if it’s fair to say there was a major fan base for it.

That being said, given that they had to shelve coop campaign until months after release, a feature even more ingrained to the franchise than online MP, I’d say PvE modes are way down the list. Here’s hoping.

Well, Microsoft and 343 supposedly want this game to last 10 years, so I’d be surprised if we don’t see Firefight at some point. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for it. But I could wait a while if we could use Forge to edit maps.


That’s my hope. Is they will finally give us forgeable ai and let us build stories. “Campaign maps.”

In reach and in halo 5 some of the best forge maps I’ve ever seen came to life. H3 bore some of the best race maps hand in hand with reach. I truly think there will be no limit to what people could create. Doing this would make great for story telling like ODST drop pod style entry or even a race to the end finish.

If we ever get playable elites again it can help change a lot.

Imagine entering a game of 5 Spartans (a team) and 4 Elites (kill squad). They fight a sea of banished while you fight Spartans and marines to a central point. Objective based KOTH. Both teams on equal grounds with the same loadouts dropping along the way (inverted based on enemy faction). The final battle would be legendary.

How great would those games be? It goes back to the who cares if I’m not getting xp I’m having fun.


Also, I hope this is a slow transition time for “Spartans” to take the stage. I love chief and I think having his FF voice and Armor load outs would be cool for this, but I think Spartan ops had promise. In this new engine with such open worlds I hope for old locations down the road. A Sanghelios campaign maybe? Aiding the arbiter further?

Exploration missions with scientists gone wrong with forerunner tech. Etc. But classic firefight would be good. Firefight+ better.

Imagine; if your will, an open world FF map with locations increasing in difficulty scale. An evac window opens for 2.5 minutes between incursions. Can you send your team complete all tasks +the mythic encounter???


It’s been proven many times that designing a game around chasing e-sports/MLG stuff is always a terrible idea and that just building a fun game and letting e-sports take it in them selves is the way to go.
So the move to make Infinite just be focused on chasing e-sports was a terrible one, we got no fun or silly modes in matchmaking currently to play and firefight sadly didn’t make a return as you said it yourself.

It’s something they badly need to improve upon, cause personally for me custom games via cool forge maps, firefight, co-op campaign, silly modes and split screen were all the main things i enjoyed the most in Halo and all are missing from Infinite even when it launches next month via the campaign.


FIrefight would be great, I personally prefer fighting AI over players, idk why, I just feel like it’s more authentic to the setting, since so many people abuse metas

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I’ve got no substantial proof, and nothing but personal theories and hints from some twitter posts/comments - but I get the feeling we’ll be getting PVE customization in Forge.

I also have a theory that there will eventually be a Destiny Esque open world mode of some kind added at some point - something where we’ll be able to explore the open world with friends as our multiplayer Spartans.

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I’ve always loved the PVE in halo, ever since reach it has been one of the things that I always came back for. It’s the whole reason why I played Halo 5 for its entire life span. Sometimes I don’t want to sweat over an objective, I just want to fight a boss.

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The way they set up the academy tutorial mission makes it seem like our Multiplayer Spartan character will be set up to play a role in Halo Infinite story in the future.


We will get more PVE stuff eventually. Warzone, Firefight, more campaign stuff, possibly with our MP spartan as the main character.