Pve with Third Person View option

So Be it Firefight or some other mode, I honestly think it would make sense for Halo Infinite to provide the option to toggle between 3rd person and 1st person… But strictly in a PVE setting.

Since Halos entire Revenue stream.is based on cosmetics, 3rd person would make sense, the whole idea of cosmetics is about players Vanity. 3rs person view allows more.expansionnonncatorijg to each Indiviaul players Vanity.

And again it would be an option not a force perspective. So let’s.say they drop on some new PVE mode, you can just press a button and boom changes the view from 1st person to Third person…
And if you don’t like that you can simply switch it back.

Kinda hope we do get one, aside from gameplay I do enjoy the vanity side of Halo games. So this would benefit me in terms.of both the gameplay side I enjoy and the vanity side I enjoy