Having played Halo 5 again recently, and really enjoyed their firefight.
I thought, why isnt this already in Infinite?
BUT it would need changes, also CLASSIC FIREFIGHT needs to be added too.
And tied to Campaign Purchase, as a PvE Bonus. They did say that only Forge and PvP would be Free to F2P players. SO… yea.

Classic Firefight needs to be added. Weapon Drops, Lives, the whole 9 yards.
It also needs to have custom game rules too, like it does in MCC. Shouldnt be hard to do.

But Warzone Firefight, it’ll probably need a new name, since Warzone these days is paired with that BR mode in CoD… trash… moving on!
SO, instead of REQs, since that was the WRONG CHOICE. How about players earn Points (like we normally already do) and then can access weapon/vehicle machines/terminals whatever… and then SPEND those points to spawn in things.
ALSO, make it NOT 8 Player, that is too much imo. 4-6 players is more fair.

AND ALSO, these modes will need to be playable between friends (co-op) and also SOLO.
That was one of the worst parts of FF in Halo 5, having to always play with others. It would be nice to be able to play locally on Xbox or with just friends privately on either PC or Xbox.

ALSO, we need more weapons… id love to see this Ultimate Halo actually have the old school armory too. Bring back some weapons from Reach, 2, 3… heck, id love to see both halo 2/3 SMG and Halo 5’s in the game. Could be a model swap thing.
Same with the Pistol, would love to see Reach, ODST, 2, and 5’s magnums (or 3/CE)
Could literally just be ONE base gun with some model swaps like they did those cosmetic attachments.
Literally simple stuff. Would be nice to see them put more into the game, than… some events… some armors… 2 maps… would be great.

Doesnt have to be and given the state of affairs its probably a bad move.
Likely route theyll take but a bad one.
I mean if you bought campaign you sgouldnt expect pve modes.
Thats not what they advertised.
Sadly infinite ilmanaged to be the most underwhealming halo yet.
At least 4 was a full experience and had some good writing
5 even had better writing than infinite.
Game squandered so much potential and 343i still dont know why the halo campaigns were so inpactful.
Hell even when theres ni game to make they fail to tap into its allure. The paramount disaster proces as much.
Anyway not sure what thisbtopic wants to be its a hodgepodge of ideas in the op so its already sort of messy.
I guess ill repktly to the title and say…
No. I think thats silly.