PV shouldn't work for all materials.

I think 343 should put in a certain material that won’t work for PV. That you can’t see through this material.
They should be put in strategically throughout the maps and should be clearly made-out that they’re ‘that’ type of material(But not while you’re in PV).
Walls, boxes, ceilings; you name it. Anything solid that is part of the map.
This will “severely” balance the use of PV while adding in skill. It shouldn’t be too overdone though that PV seems useless, I think less than at least 40% of the map is good enough.

So do you like this? Do you think this is good enough to balance it?

Some people may say, PV is balanced. Well I say it is too gimmicky and should have a twist on it too make the gameplay with it more skill based and interesting.

The idea itself is balanced: You can see through walls at the cost of giving away the element of surprise.

I can agree with you that the AA may last too long and that it recharges too quickly. However, I cannot agree with you that the concept in of itself is unbalanced.

If you know the map, and you use your radar, and your television is NOT muted, Promethean Vision is not a real threat.

This is nothing more than dumbed down version of having a Navpoint over your head back in Halo 3’s 1v1 playlist: Great, you know where he is. He also knows you’re coming, and has a radar to track your movement, and has kept himself in a room, limiting your points of entry.

What are you going to do about it? You can’t shoot or walk through walls with this ability. It should work for all materials because everyone is equipped with a radar, letting them know ahead of time of an enemy going their way. If we didn’t have that, Promethean Vision would be as overpowered as Active Camo.

It can’t see through Spartan Armor.


The efforts around balancing that would be ridiculous. PV just needs to be toned down from the look of the videos. Being able to use it that often and immediately on every spawn worries the hell out of me.

just a bad idea. PV is already balanced. you can’t see all the way across the map like people say. its about half this size of a small map. and its recharge is slow by default without AA effcincy. plus theres plenty of things that give the PV user away. just because you can see me doesn’t mean you can kill me.

If only they had lead walls, if you