Puzzles... in Halo?

(TLDR at bottom for anyone that doesn’t want to read the whole post)

Soooo with the forums absolutely on fire about the horrendous progression system and all of the customization options being locked behind a paywall I thought I’d post something different.

Ryan McCaffrey from IGN was talking about his time playing Infinite in a video. In the video he says something along the lines of “There aren’t any puzzles that are unbecoming of a super soldier like The Chief.”

That statement made me think: WOULD puzzles work in Halo? If so, what types? Obviously the Resident Evil type puzzles where you have to find a “heart key” to open a “heart door” wouldn’t work… but what about more Breath of The Wild or Arkham type puzzles? BOTW and the Arkham games used their sandbox and physics system to make puzzles unique from other entries in the Zelda franchise and super hero games.

Like, maybe a puzzle where you have to use the grappleshot to swing through moving/rotating pillars? Or a puzzle where you have to use electric type weapons to turn off machines or open doors blocking your way in a labyrinth.

[TLDR: Not all puzzles would work in Halo. But would the style of puzzles used in the Arkham games and Zelda Breath of The Wild where they incorporate the game’s sandbox and physics system work?]

Any thoughts on puzzles in Halo?

There has technically been puzzles in Halo, just not in the way your thinking. An example would be on how you unlock Halo 3’s IWHBYD skull, where you have to jump through halo rings in a certain order.

Just like what this guy said. There has been puzzles but mainly for skulls.

The only other puzzle I remember that wasn’t a skull was… kinds in CE? When you had to throw a grenade in the vents to overflow the heat. Cortina said so, but the objective doesn’t explain besides just to heat the vents.

But your idea could work too. Spiderman swinging to emp machines and stuff…

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Seeing Infinite is going to be an open-ish world game, I’m expecting there are going to be areas only accessible if you figure out how to get to them. I’m picturing something like small optional areas like Elder Scrolls dungeons where getting to the end nets you some nice stuff for crafting. Maybe there’s a room in that mini dungeon you can’t get into unless you find a hidden switch or activate the right computer panels or something. I think that’d be a good edition to the game.