Putting me in an in-progress Warzone game

What… the… HELL.

I use a Rare boost for Warzone, only to find myself plopped into a game in which I’m on a side losing 800-300? That is simply put OUTRAGEOUS.

Yes, quitting sucks. We get that. But you don’t put people in the game just so that they can quit too.

Sorry, but that’s just plain pathetic. If you want to stop people from quitting, be more inventive.

You know what’s inherently wrong with Warzone? It takes a LOT of time. When you have a LONG game, people WILL quit when it gets to a ridiculous imbalance in score. Want to stop it? You can have the losing team call for a forfeit so they can just leave after, say, 10 minutes and a wildly lopsided score.

But don’t pull NEW players into a game just because a bunch of people quit. That’s PUNISHING people who weren’t even involved with the game.

Yep, join in progress sucks balls in Warzone. Maybe one out of 25 in progress games will it be balanced. Joining 150 to 600+ is…well I don’t think anyone in their right minds would stay in that game right? If they just got dumped into it.

I presume it was a gambit card. Even with a new game it’s a crapshoot as to whether you’d be on a winning team. I just sell the gambit cards.

Happens to me all the time

Well, it shouldn’t happen. Period. End of story. This isn’t Left 4 Dead. This is competitive multiplayer.