Put Relay and Settler in Matchmaking

I’ve noticed that the forge style maps, ravine, impact, and erosion, are not in the rotation for matchmaking. Why is this? I ran through Relay and Settler in custom games and they are great maps! Not only do they have great design, but they are two of the most visually impressive maps (impact in particular). 343, you guys are doing yourself a disservice by not having those excellent maps in matchmaking. Put them in, please!

They are absolutely terrible…

Very poorly Forged and very bad layouts.

Seriously, who thought adding 19643710634064674021 struts to relay would make it look good?

As long as I get impact, even without any forging done. I’m going to be voting that up all day long. -Yoink!- AF.

I’m all for Relay.
Whenever we get 6 or more friends online we go play it.

I was meaning to make a thread asking why it wasn’t in MM.
But I’ll just support this one.

I’ve played Customs 3 times on Relay, and all 3 times were fun. I really want Relay, at least, to be put in Matchmaking.

I’ve played 4v4v4 on Settler, it was okay. But then again, 4v4v4 KotH doesn’t allow good judgement on a map that size.

I’m all for more options in mm, would love to see them put in

Relay is a pretty sweet map I think.

both maps seem nice and belong in matchmaking

In my opinion, “Impact” is one of the most visually appealing maps in the Halo series. Forgers should get
working so we can have some great game types on these maps!

I completely agree!

The maps are there, it shouldn’t be too difficult to put them in the hoppers, right? :slight_smile:

Though I do like the forged maps, I think they should be in the rotation regardless. Getting the same maps over and over again is boring. Between these three maps, and the first map pack, the map number will be almost double by year’s end. I can’t wait.

If they do suck, they wouldn’t get voted for. If they were good or were a legitimate alternative, they’d get played. What’s to lose?