Put Haven's weighting back to what it was!

Every time in slayer it’s the same 4 maps over and over. Solice, Complex, Abandon and Adrift.

Haven is the best map and most everyone loved it hence why it was voted on the most. So why would you take the most popular map away? Backwards thinking isn’t it? Gee let’s take everyone’s favorite map and reduce it’s weighting. Great idea.

Same goes for Ragnarok in BTB, why lower the weighting when it is clearly a fan favourite?

I really just don’t understand the reasoning. let’s force players to play a certain map or with certain weapons. Who cares what they want.

Haven and Ragnarok are the best maps in the game. They’re the most fun. 343 doesn’t want us to play the most fun maps as much as we want to, for some strange reason. We can add this to the list of other strange decisions 343 is making against popular things, like not having a permanent playlists for popular modes like Snipers, Doubles, FFA, and most importantly, RANKED.

Well, they changed the weighting because of all the crying about how the only maps that were seeing any play were Haven and Valhalla.
So yeah, apparently certain people only want to play those maps? I dunno, but it was getting hella boring playing them over and over and over and over and over. It’s not as though they don’t show up either, I pretty much find myself voting every round for whatever the non-Haven/non-Valhalla map that is getting any votes is so clearly they are still showing up regularly in matchmaking. Except for Solace. Because it’s poo.

Also, in both cases there are literally only four other maps in the rotation, it’s such a shallow pool that it’s going to show up fairly regularly if you play enough.

Sorry that you don’t like those two maps but isn’t the entire point of the voting system that the majority gets what they like, not the few? What’s the point on a voting system if you aren’t giving the majority what they choose?

The logic is very simple. If those maps are getting chosen the majority of the time then they are the majority’s favorites. So wouldn’t you want the majority to have what they want?