Push Commando into a different direction

Commando is bad at the moment. There is no ifs or buts about it. While it was strong in Flight due to its damage capabilities and fire rate, I think it’s overnerfed in the current version.

But, I do not think we should simply buff it back to Flight or close to Flight. This will only cause it to be at best, a better Marksman rifle than the BR or at worse, a more accurate AR.

Current Commando functions like this : a DMR ranged Covenant Carbine with high recoil.
We should work to push this into a different direction.

Direction 1 :
Keep the fire rate and the damage, reduce the recoil. This will make the Commando the new Carbine. As opposed to increasing damage and reducing recoil, we do not need something to fill the same niche as the Stalker Rifle. But we could use something similar to the Carbine in terms of long ranged pelting. Carbine fans will feel most at home with this Marksman class weapon over the BR.

Direction 2
Reduce the range significantly, lower damage per bullet, seriously up the fire rate. Turn Commando into the new SAW. While AR is still the best bread and butter spray weapon, Commando can fill the niche of basically being a more threatening trade up from the AR. This will also have to see Ammo in the Mag increase from 20 to potentially 60, with 120 extra rounds when picked up from the rack.


I agree that the Commando is currently hot garbage. I won’t be touching it in game unless I need it to complete a challenge.

The Commando and the Pulse Rifle are the two worst guns in the game. Sadly they also seem to be all over the place in the weapon racks as if 343 is trying to force us to use them. I guess it could just be that they are always around because nobody wants them. 🤷


Both reasonable suggestions I think. I’ve only really found one scenario where it’s useful - AR starts on Behemoth, because you can single shot it like a DMR when combat inevitably moves to the Skewer towers, then jump in to finish people off.

Beyond that, I’ve struggling to find a use for it and haven’t used it on any other map really.