Purchased Req Pack disappears?!! (video link)

I bought a gold req pack. When I tried to open it there was an error message telling me it couldn’t be opened (that’s the error message right at the start of the video).

Then It appeared as an unopened pack. Tried to open it but was told it had already been opened.

Did I just waste 10,000 req points on a gold pack that I’ll never enjoy?

That’s weird. That sucks. hopefully 343 fixes that. I bet it’ll be annoying having one open pack on your open packs section which you won’t even be able to access. Sorry for your 10,000 req point loss. :frowning:

I doubt they care.

It’s not that I’m angry at you 343i (I got over that when you FINALLY got rid of the ridiculous region lock for Aus and NZ players), I’m just disappointed you swindled me out of a gold req pack.

I’ve had that happen before, and it basically just skipped the opening animation and the content drop. You still get what was inside, you just don’t see it at first. It may be a generic peice of armor that you wouldn’t normally notice anyways.

That’s not so bad then. Cheers for the inside word.

Yeah don’t sweat it. You still get the stuff it’s just hard to tell what you got sometimes.

Huh… I’ve… never ever seen that before. That sucks, and it is weird. If it was opened, why is it there?

Happened to me with a silver - when I checked my req inventory I’d received some items though.

I happened pack 1 gold and 2 silver. Came a message saying the purchase was made but it is not possible to open the pack

Had the same issue- bought a Warzone and nothing.