Purchased map packs don't show up


I have been to the Halo support chat and chatted with someone, he was not able to resolve my issue so he told me to come here to ask.

The problem is I have purchased all of the map packs and downloaded but they do not show up in the game.

This has created a lot of trouble and frustration for me seeing as I like to play Halo a lot and with friends who can play on these map packs while I am not able to.

Please help me to resolve this issue, or give me a refund.

Thank you

What game?

Halo 3

Okay. Are you trying to play them in Matchmaking or in Customs?

I tried to download the Heroic Map Pack on H3, but it wont show in Customs

Looking at this persons problem have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the pack?