Purchased gear gone after update

Just loaded into halo and saw the black coating from the recent champion bundle is gone and has reset my spartan to cadet grey. Not sure if anything else of mine is gone yet but i noticed that cuz i was using it.

the armor effect is there there, but the armor and weapon coatings are not.

I know y’all didn’t trick me into spending 800 creds on a head wreath cuz I would not have. I bought a bundle.

my green spankr skin from xbox promo is gone too.


I noticed it as well, and I came to post about it, but saw you already had.


Right there with ya. Super salty


Is it gone in the customization menus or just not loading on your character?


Brooo saaame. I am missing it too lol


And the On Track armor is also gone for some reason the sky blue twitch drop armor … something’s wrong with that update


I haven’t noticed any of this, but I also haven’t bought anything from the store either. I’ll check my stuff in a bit when I can to try and confirm. Right now I suggest you try reloading the game and seeing if it’s still missing. It could be an issue with confirming what items you have access to. If it’s still not there then submit a bug report.


If they are gone, they will be fixed in given time… Just send 343i responces to let them know and be aware of it.


Hey everyone, just wanted to add, l too lost the championship armour, br shin as well as the sky blue twitch and onbtrack armour. Hope this is resolved ASAP


Missing Past Tense for Pistol, Rocket Launcher… Who knows what else is missing. I’m sure there is more.


your profile picture is cool!!

gone gone. cant select and reset to default skins

Same here I’m missing my HaloWC 2022 vicory coatings and a few pass tense weapon coatings. I did not check if more is missing but noticed these because I had these equipped

I’m missing for the commando,sidekick and Spnkr

Im missing the armor and weapon coating for this as well but hace the crown thing smh

Apparently it’s been fixed per Halo Support twitter.

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Seems like this happened to everyone who bought a coating from the shop by the looks of it unfortunately

this should be resolved!


yeeees i see all my content again!! thank you for the help, very fast :slight_smile:

hopefully it has been! :crossed_fingers: