Purchased game after Nov 20th (cross post)

I also posted this in the support forum, but it’s pretty empty over there.

Am I still going to be able to get access to the other 6 specializations? If so, when? Or am I going to be stuck at 70 for eternity? What’s the deal for me and the thousands of others who weren’t able to purchase the game until after the 20th. For the record, I bought the game the 25th or 26th, I can’t quite remember.
6 minutes ago

From what ive read before the whole specializations fiasco 343 was going to have sort of community playdates to unlock specializations for those who didnt play on the 20th of NOV. IDK if its true or not though I read it somewhere and it ust kind of locked into my brain.

They should just have them available on the Xbox Live marketplace, that seems like the most logical solution, and the most profitable.