Purchase or not?

Hey, I know most of the fans are FPS, but if you’re one them, would you purchase the game day one?

cant wait for the game

I’m on the Halo Wars forums. I’m gonna buy Halo Wars 2.

I prefer FPS , but yes , I’m gonna buy Halo Wars 2 for the story (I’m so bad at RTS game).

Heck yeah I would buy it. I would love to see what new units or playable factions you can play. Maybe even a promethean race. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of Course i will buy it.

Yessssss Halo wars!

Im very intrested

It’s a definite buy for me. I love RTS and I love Halo. Pretty easy buy for me.

Halo Wars is my favourite RTS. One of the only ones I can’t get sick of too!

Halo Wars was so much fun so I will absolutely buy this one.

The first Halo Wars was so good, I can’t wait for the sequel.

It’s gonna be a great game, can’t wait.

I’m definitely buying it

Don’t think halo wars will let us down, I have high hopes

Although it may not play like other Halo games from the past it will be great to see how the continue the lore

Gonna buy it for sure.

That’s not really a question for me. The first game was awesome.

Hell Yeah. First game was pretty good, second one should be worth the buy!

ready for the preorder