punished for having a bad team

On the ranking metal system I think they should change if you’re losing matches because your team is bad but you are the top player for every game I don’t think you should be punished

It sucks but, that what teams are for. I have noticed that most games I go into solo I have players that dont seem to care about winning.

If you have dreams of Onyx in a Team hopper then stop playing solo, you are not a team.

Part of the Team battles is working with your team. If it’s a match-made team, you better be prepared for whatever you may encounter (no mics, bad players, betrayers). If you are really concerned with the quality of teams in your team battles, go in with a premade team. Invite friends, join a Spartan Co. There are ways to get other players to play with.

If you want to not have to worry about how your teammates are doing, play FFA.