Pulse Grenades?

I’ve seen Pulse Grenades in the latest arena videoes, but I haven’t seen them get used. Many people think that they were near-useless in Halo 4, so I’m wondering if 343 had changed the way they work. That and what you guys would do to make the pulse grenade better, if it were up to you.

I kind of like that they’re more defensive in nature.

They are useful when you are in a small corridor, or at a flag/objective, other than that, they are useless. Defensive, not offensive.

Why not make the users affected by the grande lose movement speed for a second when hit? It may reinforce its supportive nature.

As someone who completed the Pulse Grenade commendation, they are not useless, so I hope it wasn’t changed too much. Should there ever be a Promethean loadout, I expect to be able to hold 2 of these not 1, and to still have starting and ending explosion feature.

With Pulse grenades, you do not have to wait for them to explode. If anything, I think they should increase the damage output between the time you are in it.

I personally don’t think that they were useless, it’s just that many others do. However, I didn’t use them much because Halo 4 only let you spawn with 1 instead of 2, and to this day I still don’t understand why.

I found them extremely useful in Halo 4, due to their instant detonation. You just throw it in their general area and swipe a quick headshot, without having to wait for the grenade to detonate.

I didn’t like them. Mostly becasue I didn’t like the FX. If it was more of a ‘pulse’ that resonated off surfaces and therefore did more damage I think it would be more interesting.

I loved using Pulse Grenades, they were VERY useful for objective games and Close Quarter combat situations. FOr “general use” they weren’t as good as the other options, but they were far from useless.

It’s good for blocking doors and I guess they will be good now for bosses

They’re especially useful on LASO, although I’ve killed myself with them more times than I’d like to admit.

I liked the pulse nades. Good for finishing off an enemy who is weak hiding behind some cover. Or getting someone one shot by throwing it directly at their feet. It’s kind of like a plasma grenade that doesn’t stick, it has a slight delay before it goes off. The after effect of the nades is mostly useless. It’s not going to stop anyone from rushing, it does hardly any damage to walk through. Occasionally you might get a kill when the grenade does a bunch of damage before it disappears, but you have to be lucky, no one is going to sit on the nade for that long.

they were ok in halo 4, campaign they could save you very quickly, and in multiplayer i used to play objective although in mcc there isn’t an objective playlist so i never put them into my loadouts. in guardians i expect they will need much faster damage and/or larger area because thrust will get you out/away from them too fast otherwise.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the pulse grenade changed some what. All Promethean guns have seen some sort of altering.

I think they will be like he second explosion of the Halo 4’s Incinerator Cannon, obviously not the same damage