Pulse Grenades NEED a buff

Its the weakest weapon in the game. Its ONLY use is to keep someone from coming through a door, but even when they run through it it doesnt hurt them all that much. Personally i think it should power up and become a kill ball like in forge, give it a one or two second delay and all infantry are instantly killed that enter it. It balances the fact that you can see its entire damage radius.

Something like a killball would be so OP, haha. Could use a buff, but not that much

maybe not so much as you say, but double it’s damage or make it a real EMP nade and it’s good.

Funny thing is if you put it in your loadout, you only get 1. As if its too OP to give you 2, like frags and plasmas -.-

If anything plasma ‘nades vs vehicles needs an inc’ in damage. I remember when stickies used to kill banshee’s and ghosts :frowning:

I have died ONCE that i can recall from them. And it was on Exile, Dominion, me in the Ghost triple splattering in the B objective and i got stuck in a corner when one flew into me

they shoulda made it into a forunner incendiary grenade.

Yeah, Pulse grenade are woefully unimpressive.

How about making the field slow people down, so that it’s not impossible to get out but it’s at least a little harder. Slow field + Damage would at least make them half useful, rather than totally pointless like they are now.