Pulse Grenades Kills

I’m going for the forerunner loadout commendation and i’m finding it extremely hard to get kills with the pulse grenades does any1 hav any good techniques or should we just make it apparent to 343 that we think they might need a slight buff?

Use either Grenadier/Resupply, and Explosives. They’ll give you a better chance of killing other players with them because you’ll have more, slightly stronger, Pulse Grenades. Also, using them on doorways and objectives are also your best bet.

when shooting at someone trow the pulse grenade directly at them and it will open up right next to them and take a chunk of HP before they move out of it. You have to time it right just about when there shields are going down. Its like the blue damage field from Halo3

I always run grenadier. While I haven’t gotten the commendation yet I have gotten the hang of them.

One option is to weaken the enemy with your primary and then throw one at their feet. Not at them but at their feet so you can catch them within the radius which is an instant kill with the initial burst if they are weak.

Pulse grenades also work well when you try and herd your enemy. Having two grenades allows you to trap other players. Throw the first to force them away, throw the second to weaken them and then push them into the first. Using a similar technique I got an overkill extermination on simplex, 3 of which were from the pulse grenades.

The nice thing about pulse grenades is that both the beginning and ending detonation do just about full damage. You have a pretty wide radius to work with to take down weak players.

Run with grenadier, and practice your timing.

I am currently working on this commendation as well, and am finding it relatively easier than I thought. Initially when I first started using pulse I thought they were completely useless. Only good for draining shields, unless someone was stupid enough to stand in one long enough to die.

I found the best way to finish someone off with a pulse grenade is to drain their shields first with another weapon. Do not throw it until they are one shot. This is best done at close to mid range. At mid range use any weapon you like to take down their shield, and as soon as you see them pop, throw the grenade at their feet. Instakill. Do the exact same thing when you are within melee range. Melee, jump or step back instead of pummeling again and throw the grenade. It’s almost guaranteed to work everytime. If it’s a group of enemies you may consider throwing the grenade first, then shooting, followed by another. You usually get someone distracted enough to not move out of the way when it collapsed or teammates block them from avoiding the blast. If you happen across an afk player, obvious easy kill. Throw grenade at them, walk away.

Like the others have suggested use the grenadier specializtion so you can carry 2, and if you play on a map that spawns pulse, you can even get a third when you pick them up.

Melee someone and throw one directly after that. Also, use a pistol, since you can throw grenades faster with one.

Don’t use the Explosives perk, it doesn’t affect pulse grenades.

Use Grenadier and Explosives. Both of them really do help. And try using them in Objective games. People tend to pay more attention to the objective than the players sometimes, and it makes it easier.

Use it when they are no shield or close to no shield.

My tips for Pulse Grenades:

I actually say don’t use Explosives. The Pulse Grenade is not altered when you have the Explosives Support Package.

Grenadier is a must. Only spawning with one without it, gets you nowhere.

Don’t throw it at them. Throw it at the walls and floors they are next to.

Use it against them when they are weak. You can’t kill them like stickies can in one shot.

Play objective gametypes while doing this. Toss it on the objectives when they are grabbing them.

That’s really there is to offer.

another tip - you can attack players with the pulse grenades from the floor below another player. Often times it will leave them yelling “WTF” or accusing you of cheating in the after game lobby.

If you pay attention to your radar and know that an enemy player is above you put the pulse grenade right on there dot on the ceiling/floor below them and above you. the radius of the grenade often times is big enough to go thru the floor and damage the player. If they happen to be in a fight with another player then even better.

Other than that, everything has been said already. Use them as finishers for the easiest time getting kills with them tho.

i didnt read through everyone’s posts so sorry if others have said something similar. but whenever i purposely go for pulse nade kills, i get more kills per game than when i use plasmas or frags. grenadier and explosives on of course. but i just use dmr, pop their shield, maybe shoot their chest once or twice depending on how much shield i have left, and then just throw pulse nad right at them, treating it like a sticky. kills them when it hits em. easy peasy