Pulse Grenades: Finally Useful!

Right, then. This thread is going to be tailor-made to help you guys get your Pulse Grenade commendation in as little time possible. This is my first time making a guide, so please bear with me.

First and foremost, the Pulse Grenade itself:
The PG is a Promethian grenade that, when thrown, it sticks to the first non-living, non-vehicle surface it touches and releases an orb of orange light that drains shields for a few seconds, and then implodes, thus incinerating any life form within its blast radius that has low enough health. A lot of community members predicted that this would be a beefier replacement for the power drain tool from Halo 3, and many were disappointed to find it difficult to score a kill with this woefully underpowered piece of ordinance and merely resorted to using it as a last-ditch effort after accidentally picking it up off a random ordinance drop.

The PG has some basic tactical uses, such as blocking off a narrow corridor or making an objective less appealing to a would-be flag/ball/base snatcher, but it is hindered by many, many inadequacies.

  1. The shield drain doesn’t do enough damage and is too small. Plain and simple. In the time it takes for an enemy’s shield to be stripped, the enemy themselves would have side-stepped, run through, or completely avoided the PG all together.
  2. The implosion requires the enemy’s health to be too low to score a kill. I’ve witnessed enemies who are half-shield survive the pulse grenade’s implosion and continue the fight.
  3. With the current loadout system, you are allowed ONE PG at spawn. Just. One. I can understand why this could make objective gametypes unbalanced due to teams effectively creating walls of PG madness, but the room for abuse is much, much lower in Slayer-based gametypes. Besides, with the inability to recover grenades from downed foes, the ability to spam is minimized without the Resupply perk.

ANYWAY, this thread is here to show you how to maximize your PG to be all that they can be, so here are the tips and tricks I have found while playing around in matchmaking.

Primary Weapon: Your choice, really. Depends on the map/gametype. I personally prefer the AR for this loadout, but anything can and will work.
Secondary Weapon: For CQC, which is where Pulse Grenades shine, go with the ultra-mega super OP Boltshot for emergencies and/or the ability to strip shields. If your pride just won’t allow for that, go for the Plasma Pistol for it’s instant shield-stripping abilities.
Grenade: No -Yoink-, Sherlock.
Armor Ablity: Promethian Vision, hands down. Being able to see and predict enemy movement is a MASSIVE advantage when using PGs for timing and placement.
Tactical Package: Grenadier for that extra PG. Everyone else will have two grenades, so you’re automatically at a disadvantage at spawn without Grenadier. If you’re worried about longevity in your ability to get kills that aren’t PG related, go with Resupply for reasons that will be made apparent.
Support Upgrade: Explosives, Explosives, EXPLOSIVES! This makes the blast radius noticeably larger, the shield stripping much faster, and the implosion finale pack more of a punch. This loadout, and arguably the Pulse Grenades themselves, entirely REVOLVE around Explosives. It’s also pretty cool that you don’t have to worry as much about your own PG killing you.


  • Pulse Grenades are almost tailor-made for enemies that aren’t paying direct attention to you. Therefore, Regicide is a prime playlist for racking up kills. Target enemies that are already in firefights and throw your grenades in the middle of them, especially if they are within spitting distance of each other like many Regicide matches tend to be. Two birds with one stone!
  • If an enemy gets within melee range, keep backing up and bounce a pulse grenade off of his chest! Generally speaking, the impact plus the shield drain are enough to kill him, and if not, he’ll be one shot by the time he gets out of the grenade’s radius.
  • Two words: AR. RUSH. Spray like crazy and drop his shields, just like Halo 3, and then lob a PG in the direction they’re walking and walk away. Often times you can turn and leave for a new engagement after the grenade pops.
  • King of the Hill, if they ever make it worth playing, is also excellent for Pulse Grenades. Wait for the other team to get nice and cozy, then pop two PGs right in the middle of them.
  • Shield stripping + Pulse Grenades = kills galore! Hit the enemy with a charged Plasma Pistol to drop his shields, then finish him with a PG. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous and are trying to get two commendations knocked out at once, toss a PG and finish him off with a charged PP shot or vice versa.
  • Avoid long-distance throws. Due to their highly visible and non-bouncy nature, it is very difficult to achieve the precision required to make a long-distance throw actually count.
  • On the other hand, by all means, rain pulsey death upon anything that comes into close range.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you found this “guide” helpful, and hopefully you’ll be able to knock out your Pulse Grenade commendation in no time!

I already mastered the PG for a while now. I hope this thread can help someone else though.

I want to know how to master the plasma pistol. Someone figure that one out. Literally, I’ve probably killed like two people ever with that gun. In 8 years of halo, maybe two kills with it.

I loved killing people with it in Reach :smiley:

Explosives actually only effects frag grenades, there’s multiple youtube videos showing how it does not effect pulse grenades at all.

You forgot to mention the initial explosion, that’s the best way to get kills with it. Throw it at the floor next to someone with low shields and its an instant kill.

Your best bet to get pp kills is to shoot an already damaged ghost with it, i’ve got a few kills by doing that

Thanks for the tips! I’ve been trying to figure out how to effectively use the Pulse Grenades. I’ve mostly let them be, unless I happened to pick them and used them as a last ditch effort. I’ll have to give these tips a go soon!

whats the point in making a guide for a game with no depth? might as well make a guide for rock-paper-scissors.

LOl don’t know what your on about ‘pride’, If 343 are stupid enough to give us shotguns as our spawn weapons then I’ll exploit the game to its fullest. This stuff should have been picked up in general bug testing and usability testing but somehow they didn’t.

As for the pulse grenades I am on level 1 for them and don’t plan to use them anytime soon. I have been killed less then 10 times by them in over 1,200 multiplayer games. I don’t know how people can die to these things but who cares I don’t.

The PG also does large initial damage to anyone caught in the radius when the orb first releases.