Pulse grenade strategy

I’ve started using pulse grenades about 2 weeks or so ago and have come from thinking they are bad to liking them just as much as frags and plasma. First thing that is the main reason IMO people don’t like them is they are very heavy. They fall much shorter than a frag throw at the same angle. You can’t accurately throw one farther then you would use a scatter shot.

However in effective range they are much better than a frag and more reliable than a plasma stick. They explode instantly, which is an advantage, stripping a shield for an easy one shot. The ion sphere hangs around too, cutting that enemy off from ally support. You want to throw it right at their feet, that’s the target.

Pulse grenades are also great for stopping people from chasing you or blocking enemies from coming through a threshold or small corridor. One thing I like to do is plant them at the top of a lift or man cannon exit or teleporter exit in anticipation of foes.

Once you get the strategy and tragectory worked out, you will like the pulse grenade too.

they’re also great if you throw them at a group of enemies fighting each other in a free for all game. They will kill wounded players with its force field alone

Out of everything introduced in Halo 4 the Pulse Nade is one thing I think 343 nailed. It works exactly how I hoped it would. Deadly when in pairs, access blocker, and a nade which makes you use a gun in combination with it. The Pulse Nade isn’t mean’t to be a killer. I love it and it’s the first “new” nade in the Halo series that makes sense. The Spike nade was essentially a plasma nade that only exploded in one direction and the incineration nade was also basically a sticky nade with some uses of area denial. Pulse is perfect and I hope to see it in future titles.

I just wish you didn’t have to use grenadier and explosions to use it cheaply.

They’re great for throwing down at the top of a lift when players are rushing up them, unavoidable.

1- meele some one and then throw the pulse grenade to kill the enemy

2- use it on a corner when someone come behind u, is imposible avoid the instant explosion when it contacts the ground

3- also i use it when enemy players are going to board vehicles.
In the last moment when they are going to board it throw the grenade that way, even if they try to abandon it or to escape on it, they already take a good amount of damage from the explosion and the sphere.

Sometimes a player (opponent) will get on a Warthog turret without a driver.
Just toss them one, they’ll love it! lol

Definitely by far the most overestimated commendation in terms of difficulty. You can use the plasma pistol and noob combo with it as well. Helped me get the two for one kill achievement.

It’s just a shame the initial detonation has no significant force. Could have been useful for tricking.

If you want to get kills with it, one really easy way is grenadier+explosives+plasma pistol. If you take off their shields first, it’s a 1-hit-kill as soon as it lands. Fair warning, you don’t have a very high life expectancy after doing it, though.

Or you can just play Extraction.
I mean when I see an enemy trying to extract a site and throw a pulse on them, they literally don’t even try to move. It’s an easy kill.

> I just wish you didn’t have to use grenadier and explosions to use it cheaply.

Unfortunately, the Explosives perk does not do anything at all to the pulse grenade. Both the grenade explosion radius, and the overall damage of the grenade remain the same wether or not explosives is on. Try it out in a custom game.

I think people often underestimate it. I throw it down, say in a chase, and people run through it all the time, I guess thinking it either doesn’t do a lot of damage without taking into the account the implosion.

they a very good in KOTH to. if the enemy team is in the hill you can toss one in, if they decide to stay in their shields would go down or hide in one side so its easy for you to clear out.

that or they could be smart and leave which is preventing them from gaining points.

Thank you so much ! I was actually about to switch loadouts to pulse nades since I have mastered the others,however I have little experience with them and have not quite figured out how to use them effectively.

I wish there were more threads like this and here is why :

You found a weapon or gameplay element you did not like. You put in work and now you love it. In my experience with Halo or other games in general, this is always the case. Everyone I see complaining about gameplay elements here have not even ventured into mastering that element. Instead they post on these forums demanding that the developers “Listen to them”. I think they should make a new rule for the forums. No complaining about weapons until you have at least 1000 kills with it.(or you are a game Designer / Game Tester).

I have to say after being a avid Pulse Grenade user for quite some time now, they are rewarding when you learn how to use them. This is a Grenade that does not bounce like a frag or stick, it has it’s own style of use to practice with.

They deserve to be on the same level with the other 'nades by having two, not one.

I really enjoy using the Pulse Grenade in CQB. Great for dropping shields and useful against enemies who are hiding. Also helpful to throw one down to change the direction of your opponent forcing him to change course to a more suitable spot to kill them or keeping them from regrouping with team members. Its like a mini shield drainer.

It’s all about the Pulse Grenade! lol

Up until now I haven’t used 'em, but this is a good primer, thanx for this one OP.

> Up until now I haven’t used 'em, but this is a good primer, thanx for this one OP.

Yea man glad I could help. I you want to start using pulse grenades I highly recommend a grenadier tack pack, you get more “bang” ( lol) for your buck, with a 100 percent grenade increase vs 50. Plus it’s useful in general, you will frequently find yourself with 3 grenades on your belt which is nice.