Pulse Carbine is truly the worst weapon in Halo history

Last quest I need to finish out the weekly challenges to get my pretty picture is three pulse carbine kill.s

Nine games in, I’ve only been able to get two kills with that piece of -Yoink!- gun.

Please remove this gun from the game or make it at least a shadow of the quality that it is in the campaign.


My advice, try to move with a teammate and steal his kill. Stay behind him and in the tracking sweet spot (BR range).

Try to use it on Behemoth. The map is wide with little cover, so once you get the lock-on, enemies can’t really hide.

It’s full auto, if you didn’t know, so try to match your aim with the rate of fire. Also it has a headshot multiplier.

That’s all I really got. I feel for you though. I hate having to use it and this is coming from a guy who’s actually figured out when to use it… sort of.


The disrupter, hydra and plasma pistol in this game are pretty up there…




In fact, most of the weapon sandbox in Halo Infinite are just trash.


In my opinion the Suppressor from Halo 4 was the worst weapon. Super useless because of how inaccurate it was. Halo 5 bolt shot might be the runner up for me.


The Pulse Carbine is more of a weapon to strip shields rather than kill, that actually being its current place in the meta where just a couple of the pulses can significantly reduce shields and lets you finish them off by quickly switching to the Sidekick after that first burst.

Although on bigger maps like in BTB its easier to get that sweet spot than it is on the smaller Arena maps that can actually lead to rather quick kills as the Pulse Carbine can actually kill in two bursts if the last shot is a headshot - quicker than even the BR.


Disruptor disables vehicles and kills in six consecutive shots unless overshielded. Plasma pistol instantly drains shields for easy headshots.

Pulse Carbine also kills shields in a single burst, it’s tracking increases if zoomed in.

These weapons are better then people give them credit for…


Pulse carbine is not trash, it’s just not meant to be a player killer. It excels at stripping shields. The challenge really should be to do a certain amount of damage with it rather than getting actual kills.


It sits in a weird spot where your burst fire and lack of tracking make it tough to use up close and the slow bolt velocity makes it easy to dodge past midrange. It’s one of only a couple of weapons in this game that I’d honestly rather have another weapon in its place (in this case the Plasma Rifle).

I feel that the Ravager in its current state is worse though.


Fact. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​


Skill issue. Pulse carbine is a very good weapon at its optimal range.


Na it’s goat. I just want other weapons back like the carbine and light rifle


20 charismas

Disruptor is super good when full auto.

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Should have always been the plasma rifle.


Nah, it’s just super nuanced, which is bad for something that bears the name of “carbine.” It’s like a marginally worse plasma pistol that grew too big in the pond.

But the worst weapon? That’s a stretch. I give that title proudly to the Ravager, which truly serves no obvious purpose.

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Even more reason to make it a quest so you never get your weekly reward am I right?! You make it very difficult to like Infinite 343.

The pulse carbine should only be used for mid-long range and allow you to win most engagements (double tap then switch to pistole / BR to finish the opponent). You can see it as a long range noob combo weapon

Halo 2 magnum exists*

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It is only useful when scoped in at niche med-longish ranges. Only use it for that