Puerto rico is not a north america region

countries and regions where Romance languages—languages that derived from Latin—such as Spanish, Portuguese, and French are predominantly spoken. The term was used for places in the Americas that were ruled under the Spanish, Portuguese, and French empires

Puerto rico is in facts yes a colony of the united states but we have our own lenguage witch is spanish our own flag and have our own representation team in the olympics

We are in the wrong region in the HCS settings with u have us force in north america region we are latinos and are part of the caribean part of south america

In other games like league of legends rainbow six siege and cod games we where all ways on the latam regions we only ask u make it right u forced us on halo 5 on north america we just ask to let us play where we actually belong with our latinos brothers

Mexico , colombia , brazil and more

Set puerto rico free
Lets us choose

You are being put on US servers, because they are the closest ones. It has nothing to do with culture or stuff. Mexicans also mostly play on US servers by the way.

And the US itself also has history with romance languages, since huge parts of the country were either former Spanish colonies (states like California, Florida, Texas, etc.) or French colonies (states like Lousiana, Arkansas, Montana, etc.). Basicly every state with exception of the 13 original ones and the rustbelt have histories as Spanish or French colonies.
Spanish is still a common spoken language in huge parts of the US.

I can untherstand where your coming from but still we do participated in other esport games in the latam region last year we had one player qualify to the smash wolrd tour and guest what he was in south america region now we have a team in league of legends amd we play in latam same in so many other games we get it about being the closest still that is not a right anwers for why we should be in north region i can say for every one in puerto rico we want to be change to latam we want to compete againts our brothers we are not need it in north u already had numbers there but u can’t say the same thing in katam u might have over 25 tp 50 team in the latam region fighting and lets say we give them a boost of like 10 more teams and thats if our small comunity comes back to play halo we can still support the latam region even more that we actually do in north