Public Warthog Project

I am proposing a plan to start funding for a warthog build. I have an idea to take donations on a jump starting website for any project that needs funding. This would be to help build a warthog for any film organization, because the only warthogs in existence are these.
(1) Op Chastity- being used
(2) Weta’s Warthog - Film Companies and Live Action Series only!

So i thought to get this funding and let it be used by anyone who requests it for a legit film for a small price just so we can keep it running and in proper shape. We have an idea how to build it thanks to Op Chastity’s blueprint and a few engineering friends.

Question: If any money was left over after the production of the warthog, what do you suggest we donate it to? (legitimate answers - donate to charity, film org., etc.)

Question: If we allowed volunteers to help with this build which would take place in Texas, would anyone be willing to travel of not, be willing to donate time to help?

In case anyone is interested in helping out…Looking to raise $20,000.

Public Warthog Project
Goal: $20,000
Due Date: 7/1/2013

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