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Hey here is a Shout out! anyone looking for a new clan that doesn’t require allot form you, a clan that doesn’t restrict you? how about joining Psychosis!
Leader is pynknynja. I am Second in charge. we have no ranking set up because we are a team, and ranking only divides people and makes it more difficult to work with.
simple rules, no forced training, no forced armor, no drama (0 Tolerance for Drama you will be booted faster then a snowball melting in hell), no politics (Politics equals to getting booted), must be a team player (No lone wolfing it, unless it’s to flush out or flank) and a good sport (respectful and polite towards other players). any sign of Hacking or Mods will result in being dismissed/booted as well as being reported to XBL.
the only mandatory part is our clan emblem. Red Square background, with a White Triad.
our clan members play in the following games so we have a wide play area. (100+ members)

  • Halo (Awaiting Halo 5- Fair Strength 15 members ready to go) - Call of Duty (Weak Presence) - Destiny (Strong Presence) - Borderlands (abandoned) - Dying Light (Still in) - Elder Scrolls (ESO sucks so awaiting for the next one) - Forza (Fair Strength) - Assassins Creed (soon to abandon) - Titanfall (Rare) - Minecraft (special occasions)message Virtual Kingdom or pynknynja. we’ll set you up and introduce you to some fellow clan members get you hooked up into a area your most comfortable in.
    Clan Psychosis “Skills? What’s that? We are campers, everyone loves marshmallows”