PSA: Xbox players with install troubles

For everyone on xbox who is having a problem with the installation of the season 8 update there is a solution! (Maybe)

  • Install the Xbox Insider Hub. This is different from Halo: MCC Insider and is free for all users. - Uninstall Halo: MCC Insider - Launch the Xbox Insider Hub and agree to the terms and conditions. - Go to Previews and go to the MCC insider program - Join the MCC Insider program and allow it go through its verification process - Install the Halo: MCC Insider FROM THE SHORTCUT GIVEN THROUGH XBOX INSIDER HUB. - After installation restart your xbox Settings > General > Power mode & startup > Restart Now - If the update still hasn’t happened repeat step 2 and 6. - If that doesn’t work check to see if you were invited through Waypoint. - If that fails submit a ticket.
    These steps may not be guaranteed but it worked for me and some other people. If anyone else has solutions that worked please share them.

This worked for me as well, I did most of these steps and it finally updated.

As stated in the support site and what worked for me in the end, check the games version details as a secondary workaround. I originally downloaded a 2mb game but after deleting it the game had become a 56gb game