PSA: raise that controller sensitivity right now!

I thought my aim sucked with the Skewer and the Sniper Rifle. I missed most of my shots, unless the enemy was standing still.

Then I stumbled with an article from Windows Central called Best Halo Infinite controller settings (look it up, I can’t link it here) suggesting some tweaks for sensitivity and thumbstick configurations.

At first it took some getting used to, I suggest you to play with bots for a while until you get used to it. But in my first PvP match after that, in Fiesta, I got the skewer, and bam! While before I couldn’t hit a moving target for the life of me, now I got a double kill. Died, got skewer again, double kill!

I haven’t managed to get a triple kill yet, but boy, oh boy! That’s a game changer.

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I play really low sens lol. Play on what you’re comfortable on but deffo play with settings in training mode!

I play at 5 sensitivity always have done