PSA: Let's Get You a Series X/S to Play Infinite On

If you think this will help other Spartans get their console please leave a post to keep it up top of a busy forum.

**The Xbox All Access bundles don’t get targeted by scalpers. After 3 months of trying to get a console, my buddy got one this way easily two days ago. **

It requires a credit check and monthly payments, but essentially the price comes out the same but you also HAVE to have two years of Game Pass (which isn’t a downside to me tbh). The credit check and payments are what drive scalpers away from it though. Too slow a process to bulk buy, and they’d either have to remember to pay off the plan outright, or do the payments.

I was watching Sean W this morning (Halo content creator), and he threw out this tip too. Not a lot of his viewers were aware, so I feel like this is not well known right now.


That’s how I finally got mine. Should be arriving Sunday and I can’t wait!


Dude/dudette lets gggoooo.

Quick resume will change your life :grin:

I got one within a week of trying months ago. Just used the Hotstocks app on my phone and it alerted me to when Walmart was going to do a drop. Got on right at that time and bought it no problem.

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After finding one using hot stocks app, I just picked mine up yesterday from Best Buy!

Still thought it was a scam right up until they handed it over :slight_smile:
Got mine via the Access Pass just FYI

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I finally got mine the old fashioned way…By camping out overnight at Best Buy getting one when they opened.

Omgosh that brings back so many memories. Me and my buddies set up a card table and played Risk 2210 all night for the Xbox 360 launch

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Good times. I did the same for Halo 3.
But I will say, 40 is far too old to be doing such things :rofl::laughing:
Hopefully that was the last one haha.

Nice! Congrats! 20 characters