PSA for Forgers - Backing up Maps

Sigh. So I happened to have some issues with the whole file browser and forge (which neither were really implemented correctly in the first place or at all), and I have lost one map and just about lost a second but happened to have it save in my file share.

If I hadn’t have saved it in my file share, I would be pretty devastated right now as that was one of my best maps I have ever created. So to all the forgers out there, make sure you are backing up your maps onto your file share, and maybe even a usb stick if you want to be extra cautious (which I might do now :P)

Also 343, get your act together and either come up with a better file system, or put back in the old one.

Does anyone know why the map files might become corrupted (minus the obvious, doing something while saving)?

What happened when I noticed it, was my friend was joining my lobby for a custom game, when I changed maps. I don’t know if him joining and it changing maps somehow messed up the file. My guess it was likely a coincidence.

However I seem to remember from somewhere that there was something that bugged the maps that was relatively avoidable. Can anyone point me to what that might be?