PSA: Enemy Counts per Spartan Ops Episode

The purpose of this is to quantify and record enemy types and numbers so that players are best able to optimize their farming towards the Enemy Kill Commendations.

Note: If using your stats tracked by Waypoint, note that Elite Commanders are Elite Officers and combined with Zealots, which are tracked seperated in game for the Commendations. As are Knight Battlewagons and Lancers. Also, Grunt Heavies are technically Ultras and Elite Warriors are Generals.

Assistance in this endevour would be greatly appreciated.

Land Grab
Infantry: 31/12/3/
Imperial/Space: 8/16/16/
Ultra: 2/5/21/

Infantry: 20/10/4/
Commanders/Zealots: 10/8/8/
Ranger: 0/4/12/
Generals: 1/8/9/

Hunters: 2/2/2/

Ghosts: 6/6/6/
Wraith: 4/3/5/

Sniper Alley
Infantry: 40/37/19/
Imperial/Ranger: 29/28/32/

Infantry: 22/23/20/
Major: 4/6/7/
Ranger: 10/10/13/

Infantry: 5/3/1/
Commander/Zealot: 5/7/14/
Ranger: 5/4/4/
General: 0/2/3/

The Challenge
Infantry: 25///
Sniper: 10///
Prime: 35///

Watchers: 28///

Infantry: 28///
Sniper: 2///
Prime: 21///

Watchers: 4///

Infantry: 9///
Lancer/Battlewagon: 4///
Commander: 1///

Infantry: 16/17/11/
Imperial/Ranger: 18/17/19/

Infantry: 8/8/4/
Major: 2/2/6/

Infantry: 3/3//
Commander/Zealot: 1/1/8/
Ranger: 3/3/3/

Infantry: 29/26/19/
Sniper: 2/2/2/
Alpha: 10/16/17/

Watchers: 5/5/5/

Infantry: 2/2/5/
Lancer/Battlewagon: 2/2/2/

Reserved: Episode 2

Reserved: Episode 3

Reserved: Episode 4

Reserved: Episode 5.

Well now that’s cool, thanks for the effort.

Update 1: Added The Challenge and Sacred counts for Easy, added Core up to Heroic.

So far we can tell certain things about the data: Enemy numbers stay relatively the same and only mildly fluctuate within a couple of units, some are fixed spawns and do not deviate at all.

The biggest one though is the shift in unit types from Normal to Heroic. Land Grab sees a significant increase in Ultras, specifically Ultras wielding FRGs. Others are less severe, trading weaker units for stronger units either in the same class (2 Infantry Grunts for one Ultra Grunt) or for another unit entirely (5 Infantry Grunts for one Infantry Elite.)

One thing that has been bugging me is completion times. I’ve abstained from posting mine because completion times are going to be different from person to person based on skill. But they are the true measure of which episode is best since it’ll break it down to unit kills per minute. Episode X may have double of the units compared to Episode Y, but it’s pointless to do it if it takes three times as long compared to Episode Y.

That’s why I’ve also abstained from doing Legendary runs. That and because Prometheans on Heroic are difficult.

You might wanna save yourself the hasstle.
Wes Henry of these forums has already done this.

> You might wanna save yourself the hasstle.
> Wes Henry of these forums has already done this.
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Fixed your link.

He also states that he’s only done it on Easy

forum link

yes I did them on easy for the purposes of quicker boosting (not fun) but if you want to play the maps on a higher difficulty, be my guest.

Thanks, methew. I have only grunt slayer and jackels left

Its odd I’ve finished crawler primes and I’ve only cleared one level of crawler snipers, given how often primes occur it confuses me why so many more snipers are required complete the commendation over primes.

crawler snipers are utterly ridiculous, i’ve only seen like 5 on 1 mission at a time, and one of the first stages of the commendation is to kill 250 of them?!

An even better chart is found on this link right here.


I forget where I got this one but it was on this forum so this is NOT my work. (though I’ve thought of filling in some of the data.)