PSA: 8-Bit Campaign Music

Idk if this has been said or not, but we all know about the arcade machine on Streets. It plays 8-bit music, but it only plays Zeta Halo, The Road (Warthog Run) and Know My Legend.

I found one near Outpost Tremonius where that invisible Zealot hides (behind the Reverie inside a forerunner door). If you kill him and come back an arcade machine will appear and play more tracks.

So far I’ve heard:

  • Through the Trees
  • Escharum
  • Endless
  • Along with the 3 that play on Streets.

There may be more, so I’ll update this if I hear more or if someone already know about other songs that play here.

That might be all of them.

I found this: https://you

(remove the space)

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Noooooo - not again.

you look on and see that scrolling text begins to roll in front of your vision

“Divinity Studios proudly presents a Heavenly Productions game.”

“We see that you have reset your game. Would you like to start a new game?”

you click “YES” because the gameplay for the most part is very compelling

“Request approved. Starting Playthrough No.2919161724511133799322121233212123.”

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This is my favorite song in Halo Infinite.

Here’s a link to listen to the song! →

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