Proving Grounds Radar Feedback

I’m really enjoying the increased range of the radar so far!

The things I like:

  • It’s so much easier to make informed decisions in matchmaking because I have a better view of where both my own team, and the enemy are, on the radar.

  • I’m noticing that I’m able to move around the level more confidently instead of having to watch my back like some sort of paranoia.

  • It feels like any battles I get into, the winner is based on who is better with a gun rather than who sees who first
    The things I would like to be improved:

  • Show people who are running on the radar.

At the moment, it seems like only Spartans who are using Spartan Abilities or Sprinting/moving fast are showing on the radar. This makes crouching kinda pointless.

I feel like it would be better if base movement speed also showed on the radar as well. The only time I shouldn’t see people on the radar is when they’re sneaking (crouching or walking slowly.)

Spartans sprint at like 35MPH; this means even if they run half as fast as they sprint they still move pretty fast; it’s something that should show on the radar. Basically, this would make the radar more similar to its prime in previous games like Halo 3 and 4 - where it showed everyone unless they were sneaking (crouching or walking slowly.)

And on a final note, the radar should never be removed or nerfed in Halo. It’s wrong to listen to a select group of ‘hardcore’ players over the long term veterans/fans of the franchise. If people want to play with a nerfed radar, then that was what the MLG playlists were for.


The thing with the base speed not appearing on radar, it gives players more incentive to move… H5’s maps are SO campy with all of the segmented portions of each map, funneling players through small doors where can easily be occupied without any means of the other player knowing.

Campers cannot abuse the radar for free kills anymore, in these cases. That’s one of my biggest issues with the game… the way the map design lends itself to campy gameplay. This radar minimizes these scenarios.

Y’all are gonna wanna leave the feedback in the feedback thread here:—official-feedback-thread/bb75b615-351f-421a-8bec-62fc149e6ecb/posts