Proving grounds game mode thoughts.

So when I first played I liked the idea it was 25 meters in the radar which is good more strategy to use. Now the only bad thing is that you can now walk without being shown on the radar or the regular Spartan fast walk without sprinting. It’s basically made sprinting useless now because all my team did was the fast walk and they couldn’t see us coming and we thought it was a little ridiculous. Along with that sprinting won’t be used unless you are retreating but you will more than likely die still. Also players do not have to crouch now in order to sneak you can just plain out walk fast and not be shown and kill players which makes crouching now pointless pretty much because it was made for not being shown on rradar and to sneak. So overall radar increase is good but the regular moving should be shown on the radar so you atleast have a fighting chance because not everyone has super sonic hearing or headsets to hear it. So these are my thoughts.

There’s a dedicated feedback thread here:—official-feedback-thread/bb75b615-351f-421a-8bec-62fc149e6ecb/posts