Provide the Punchline, Round 1!

I did this activity on Twitter the other day, and I thought it might actually work well as a forum game. If people enjoy it, we can do a new round every week. Basically, I’ll provide the first line of a joke, and then you come up with the punchline. Feel free to answer as many times as you want. Off we go!

Q: Why did the Grunt cross the road?

> Q: Why did the Grunt cross the road?

>A: To get to the food nipple on the other side! Ba-dum psh!

(Woot! First reply! :D)

> Q: Why did the Grunt cross the road?

To take the great journey.

because the brutes told him to.

To try to sneak up on my hologram.

Cos it was been been chased by Master Chief!

He didn’t.

Well because, duh.

The Prophets told him to…

To get away from the Kig-Yar.

He heard there was an “all you can breathe” methane bar.

He was trying to overcome his fear of puma riding demons.

So he could attend the funeral of Flipyap, and of course the all you can eat food nipple. He never really liked Flipyap anyway!

He crossed the road because he saw the sign saying “free chocolate chip cookies”. You can’t pass up a deal like that. FREE chocolate chip cookies? Heck yes.

Cos it was the jackals day off.