Proven Method for No Wait and Same Team as Friends

UPDATE as of 11/28! See my later reply in this same thread with updated info on this method. It now works better and ensures 100% same team as friends that join!!!

We all join a chat party and keep party app snapped open

We all search solo, never joining each other within MCC

As soon as one person gets other players in their roster, hit “invite party to game” and everyone accept the invite regardless of where you are in the game

It may look like they didn’t make it from the non-inviting players’ screens but the person who sent the invites should be able to see their friends in the roster

Confirm people made it in with the “host” (whoever sent invites)

This will work. You will be put on the same team most of the time. As far as the game is concerned, you all arrived together in a party.
The windows to invite people into a found MM lobby closes as soon as it sorts and picks teams.
If you are not booted after a game, there is another opportunity to invite people in between games before it creates teams again.
You can get more than 4 people in a game together this way also.
We got 5 of us in a MM lobby last night and one of us was host, so we were getting game after game for over an hour until someone’s xbox crashed.
It kept refilling our lobby because anytime a game ends and the host hasn’t left, as long as there’s at least 5 people still in that lobby, it will repopulate.

The golden rule until this mess is fixed is that if at any point anyone in your group has a failed attempt to join someone else in the group, the whole group needs to quit and restart Halo MCC.

It also helps to fully power down the xbox and unplug the power from the wall for 30 seconds every hour or so.

Finally, always make sure your power is plugged directly into a good wall socket and not in any extension cords or surge protectors.

Edit: you can check my recent broadcasts on my twitch channel on how it works.

Also, if anyone wants to join me tonight, I basically quarterback coach my party through this for the best success the game will allow.

message my GT: d0nkatron

message me and add me
its much easier to invite people to the chat party from msg app

I haven’t had many problems finding games alone or with other people, but it’s great you found a trick to help people that are having issues.

I wish more people found this post. Must have posted it too late.


It’s a lot of hard work to make the game work right now. Thanks for the tips!

This post deserves way more attention! Someone who has actually found a method to help with this matchmaking problem rather than “return their game” and complain on these forums. This is the good part of the community that I miss!

I’m one of the people with 1-5 minute wait times, but I still feel bad for everyone else. Seems like a good workaround for people who need it, so – bump!

I tried this before but we could never get it to work properly unfortunately.

Well we got between 30-40 games using this method again last night. Hope it can help more people. Mostly split against each other but we played together with usually at least half of us on either team but we had some fun. Still lots of down time and frustration at points though.

This post should be stickied, just so more people are aware of it.

Restarting/unplugging your xbox does nothing except waste time, what you need to do is configure your NAT to OPEN

I have nothing to say. . . . .just want to make sure people see this post :slight_smile: bump!

I miss the good old days of gaming where the community would find workarounds like this instead of b*tching and whining and demanding refunds. Good on ya!!

> 2533274915882188;12:
> Restarting/unplugging your xbox does nothing except waste time, what you need to do is configure your NAT to OPEN

NAT being open is a given these days, but the restarting is absolutely 100% clearing whatever issues there are with not being able to join friends. If you don’t restart MCC at the right points in time, accepting an invite or clicking join will result in nothing happening.

So since the 11/26 patch we barely restart the game at all anymore.

Searching solo and inviting works better than ever and will almost 100% put you on the same team with your friends where as searching the normal method with a group or friends almost always splits you.

Have a happy thanksgiving. I hope this helps make it happier!

I’ll try this later, me and my friends are trying out the new patch tonight. If we can’t get games reasonably easily though I’m pretty much out of patience at this point.

Thanks for the tip

Just to quickly re-iterate and add a couple things that have changed since the 11/26 patch

  1. Everyone Hard reboot xbox before starting your hand at playing this game
    (turn on power saving helps. shut down xbox by holding power for 30 seconds and continue holding power until the power brick is orange not white)

  2. Snap party app and get friends in a party but not in your MCC game

  3. Go to Home, press start while highlighted on MCC and click quit (no need to do this if you just rebooted)

  4. Make sure everyone has done steps 1-3 :wink:

5!) Everyone search solo for a game and hit “invite party to game” in snapped party app as soon as you see people populating the search but READ TIPS BELOW:
a)Friends can’t join once teams have been created. If teams are already locked in for Blue and Red don’t send the invite and back out of matchmaking to start step 5 over again.
b)since 11/26 patch the need to quit & restart MCC after backing out of a MP search
c)if there’s not enough room for all your friends they will still get in the game and make 11/10, 12/10, 13/10 etc given that they all took the invite right away… hahaha take that!
d)do not back out of a game or out of a search or anything when accepting an invite. just accept it from where ever you are
(OTHER THAN THE BLACK MCC LOAD SCREEN, wait for this to go away if you are in there)
e)once friends accept, they will often not see that they made it into the game lobby. only the leader who invited can really see if they made it. don’t mess with the menus while in this state! just hang in there!

NEW BUG SINCE 11/26 to look out for!
matchmaking lobbies are very often getting this. it will look like you are suddenly in a custom game lobby or a lobby that’s getting ready to search for a new MP game but with all the people from your match made game in the party with you. IF IT LOOKS LIKE THIS you might still be okay and the game might still start. If you see the displayed party leader changing through playlists in this bugged state, GO BACK to Step 3. Sometimes it will briefly look like this though yet will still start the game. Give it up to 60 secons when this happens before going back to Step 3.

  1. Confirm with the person who invited you that you made it in the game. If you did not make it, you should go back to Step 3 and have them invite you on the next game.
    If there is joining issues after that, everyone needs to go back to Step 3 next chance they get before trying again.

  2. Mostly in H2C, you will sometimes here a single alarm-ish sound while a map is loading. It’s the sound H2C makes when you stand on an enemy bomb or try to return a flag that isn’t returnable. If you here this sound start going off repeatedly without stopping, you should immediately go to Step 3. Do not wait for the map to finish loading. You will simply start the game with no video but still audio and then a stuttering audio game crash will ensue. Either that or the map will not even load and you’ll get the black MCC load screen and be booted. Trust me, fall back to Step 3 here.

  3. If you see a black MCC load screen at any point other than after a match is completed, you are being booted or crashed out of the game. Go to Step 3.

  4. Play Halo with your friends on the same team.

  5. Let 343i know that I am available for consultation as a master class bug analyzer and fixer. I hack things and fix things every day of my life.

  6. Thank me and let me know if this helped you in any way. It helps me feel rewarded for spending so much of my time posting stuff like this to help my fellow Halo fans.

Cheers to hoping this entire rain dance won’t be necessary at least by Christmas for us all!
We want to celebrate the anniversary and memories of popping in a disc, turning on the TV, and joining our friends to play on the same team in some Halo! Not alpha testing a lobby interface that’s worse than the one 10 years ago in functionality, stability and intuitiveness!

I’ll be on in a little bit doing this again. There’s definitely more random little issues that I know I’m forgetting that I will update on here again.
I’ll also be streaming as much as I can of it at
Message me directly on xbox if you’d like a spot and I will reply with an add and chat invite if there’s room.


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