Protocol Genesis Open Recruitment!

Protocol Genesis Is actively Recruiting new members to the Spartan Company, Things you need to know before you join.
*We are an active clan and you have to be active 2-3 days in a week ( if you are going to be inactive, please inform me why)
*Communication is key you must have a mic (an exception can be made but only if your able to understand what we are saying without a mic)
*During Raids, communication is key no matter what, no being a hero.
*Our ranks are basic but are hard to get to–{ recruit>Marine>ODST>Spartan} are the non-officer ranks {Officer>Captain>Field Marshal>General> Leader} Are the officer ranks
For more information about ranks, please contact me<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
*During Multiplayer in “The arena” We are very competitive but only for good sport, what you put in is what you get out is,how we see it.
*We have game nights for custom games, we will always have a warm-up match of fighting each other, but then it turns into fun games (such as Indiana jones, temple run, or even duck hunt, Maze runner!)