Protect the Core/generators

I win every single warzone match I play unless it has a ‘protect the core’ round because…

  1. The core has little health
  2. Enemies spawn really close to it.
  3. The core is in the worst defendable position on the map.

I guess so… it’s not that bad

Ghosts ultras are a godsend for these rounds

“Protect the Forerunner Core!”
*50 million Prometheans warp in right next the forerunner core.

Protect the core and garage rounds are the worst as enemies warp in next to the core, whilst you could start at the opposite end of the map, the drop ships are invincible, the core has little starting health, there is no hint what weapons or reqs are required for the next round, spawn times are too long. Almost as bad as getting you to defeat hunters, then spawning more inside where your vehicles cannot access