Protect my Banshee (Barriers in Invasion)

I want to know, that you (343i) is finally gonna do some thing about this.
Spartans stealing Banshees, Wraiths, Ghost. When I’m a Spartan, I’m all for stealing these vehicles myself, legitmatetly. After the Elites have already taken it out of their spawn zone.
What I can’t stand is people just waiting/hiding for the last phase just to steal the Banshee. This happens more often in Spire than Boneyard.
Still, why can’t there be barriers to protect these vehicles much like it is for the Spartans in Boneyard and Breakpoint. Elites have zero chance to steal the Spartan vehicles, yet all Elite vehicles are exposed to any would be thief. Can you honestly tell me that that is fair???

Either protect all vehicles with barriers so that only the intended team starts with the vehicle, or, expose them all so I can have my justice by stealing their Scorpion in Boneyard, or the Falcon in Breakpoint.

That is all.

It’s fun stealing vehicles though!

If they decrease the power of banshee bomb and wraith shot and make it like Halo 3 no one will think about stealing it !

No code changes or nerfing. (Days, weeks, even months)

A simple house of barriers is all we need. (Less than2 hours)

Yeah, I don’t know why Bungie ever thought it would be a good idea to let that happen. But then, Reach seems to be full of those ideas.

This is an issue in so many of my favorite games… ESPECIALLY Battlefield. It’s awful in that game.

Hopefully some sort of barrier/inability to drive system is implemented in Halo and other games.

I agree with the barriers. UNSC vehicles are more powerful than Covie vehicles (if you can find a skilled pilot for the Falcon, it beats the Banshee by a mile. Trust me, my friends and I have racked up our share of vehicle kills in Falcons). But the Elites have no protection from vehicle campers while Spartans can literally ignore their vehicles and not suffer theft. When Invasion becomes dodging traffic (the enemy team grabbing every vehicle by camping and ignoring the first two objectives), it isn’t any fun anymore. I’ve actually started camping vehicle spawns to kill spawn campers. I don’t even grab the Banshee/Wraith etc. It’s easier to kill the kids looking for a handout.

> If they decrease the power of banshee bomb and wraith shot and make it like Halo 3 no one will think about stealing it !

I agree with the banshee, but do not farther nerf the wraith. Its already a pain in the neck to kill vehicles that stay far away from the wraith, there is no need to nerf it. The banshee needs to be toned down so when someone uses a flip it uses up the “boost.” Once the boost is gone, they can’t accelerate or flip around. That way people can shoot it down easier.

The wraith should be left the same.

Here is what they should do. Make it so Spartans cant get in Covy vehicles and Elites cant get in spartan vehicles.

The Banshee is not overpowered. 5 sniper shots/ team DMRing / Laser / Rockets (but only if the pilot is bad) / EMP / Scorpion / Falcon. Besides, half of the people who rush them don’t seem to be able to switch from the pistols anyway :confused:

If that happen, you just lost another fun factor. Hijacking a vehicle from a poor driver.

I always assume they are going to take our vehicles, so I am sure to guard them myself. After each phase, I go and watch our spawn and make sure I see a teammate (or me) get into the vehicle.