Prostheses do not reset when being set to "None"

In Body & AI - Prostheses,
If you select a prosthesis on either leg and then set it to none it will stay there (in that menu),
then if you change any other prosthesis to any other value it will still stay there,
until you set that prostheses’ value to none in which case the PREVIOUS selected prosthesis you selected will correctly be displayed and the one you currently changed will appear to not change from whatever prosthesis type you set it to.
I cannot confirm if you can then see this effect in a match yet but it DOES NOT appear with the prosthetics in the armor hall menu.

I saw this as well, on Xbox One X.

It’s a visual bug, to my understanding. I have tested it as well, and it seems to be related to the other visual bugs in Customization. Submit a ticket to Halo Insider Support or post in the stickied thread, if you want.