Pros disguised as Noobs. Are you one?

Hey guys! I’ve played through Halo Infinites Multiplayer and see a trend among the grinders like me. They are using the recruit armor set and either keeping it basic with the starter armor coating or using a super rare one. But you can always tell they’ve gone to work at the battlepass because they’re shoulder pads or knee pads are from the middle to end battlepass.

Eh, what???

This isn’t Halo 5, where Pro’s were making smurf accounts to lock down “ Champion “ ranks to prevent others from obtaining and forcing players to only reach Onyx…

In Infinite, I see the complaint you’re making, but the “ Recruit “ Armor / Mark VII armor core is pretty bad* looking already and there are little no options for the armor core to be unlocked / customized around “ Level 50 “ Mid of the battle pass.**

The only unlocks are the Aviator Helm which is unlocked around lvl 20 - 30, then I believe a chest piece. The shoulder pieces are unlocked around lvl 45 - 50, the knee pieces aren’t in the season pass…

Now if your talking about the Mark V ( B ) / Noble 6’s Helmet, while that helmet is a fan favorite due to Noble 6 himself from Halo Reach… I don’t see what is wrong with that helmet and even then it has never been referred to as the “ Recruit “ helmet. It is the first unlock of the season pass, but doesnt make it “ Recruit “ … I mean, what if they put Carter or Chiefs Helmet as the 1st unlock of the season pass? Would that make it “ Recruit “ armor? No…

I myself wear Noble 6’s Helmet and just the default armor with MK VI shoulder and ODST Shoulder and the UA / Type Jor knee pads, but that doesnt make it “ recruit “ gear or me a pro player with an Onyx rank…

Even then, what would be wrong with a “ Pro “ Player wearing the default armor, let alone what they want to wear?

As 343 Said, “ The player will have a ton of customization options to choose from “ ; Maybe thats what these players are choosing to wear cause they personally think its cool to them.

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I fail to see what someone would be accomplishing by doing this. It’s not like the opposing team is going to go easy on them.


Back in Halo 3 all the high skill players wore was Mark VI and occasionally the Rogue helmet, they just care more about playing the game than they do about customizing their Spartan, it’s not a disguise.

I would think most pros think about cosmetics far less than the average player

Maybe I’m a noob disguised as a pro. Ever thought of that?

Could also be players staying default in protest to the current state of the shop & armor customization system. I see a lot of default grey armored players with the default number 1 emblem.


Negative, I am a meat popsicle

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your cosmetics have nothing to do with skill level


I don’t think having gear in the battlepass makes anyone a pro.
Maybe they just think that gear looks better? Maybe they don’t care too much about how they look?
What is this post for? I must be missing something here.