Pros and Cons of Halo Infinite Multiplayer

First and foremost, I have been a BIG fan of the Halo series since 3rd grade, playing Combat Evolved in 2001. I absolutely love this series. I have never stopped playing. While I think that some games are better than others, I have put a lot of time into every game. I have thousands of hours playing halo. I understand that the game is new, and there will be time for updates and balancing.

Having a good mix of modern and classic in the multiplayer
Movement is very fluid and does not disrupt gameplay
BR feels good overall
After game report data

No counter to the sword
AR has way too much range
Sniper feels like it weighs 4000 lbs
Melee is wonky
Hit registration is inconsistent
Constant crashing causes deranking (yes, I have done all of the tricks to stop crashing)
Unranked players are thrown in with ranked players at higher skill levels
Hit or miss aim assist while on a controller

Lack of incentive to play for the objective in Ranked; OBJ points are too low compared to kill/assist points (100 points per kill, 50 per assist vs 50 points per few seconds of holding the oddball) maybe consider OBJ higher in OBJ games

No stats
Desync, I am constantly getting killed behind cover (maybe an increase in tick rate)
Inability to look around on the death screen
Gun balance overall is pretty bad
Lack of precision weapon starts on BTB
Ranked feels like it’s meaningless and more about playtime than skill level
Lack of maps
Behemoth in ranked
5 flag is too much for Behemoth
Trading with a person that melee’d you when you headshot them


If I might ask, what has ever been the actual counter to sword other than canceling it with a melee which absolutely should not work lore wise and is strange to consider balance wise? I mean, I’ve beat down plenty of Sword wielders today with the Grav Hammer or just shooting them.

The shotgun countered the sword in h2, h3, reach, h4, and h5…

In my experience, the shotgun was really bad in 2 and 3, and I rarely encountered people with swords in 4 and 5.

With a well-placed shotgun blast, you could get a bull true medal killing the sword player. While it was not a guaranteed kill like a sword lunge, it was in the game. The H3 shotgun was a one-hit kill at the right range, but if you weren’t in that range you would follow with a melee.

one hit kill shotty needs to comback. Actaully The HALO SHOTGUN needs to come back, the bulldog just reminds me of some real world kel-tec POS

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Never really had encounters like it, but I wouldn’t say there’s no counter anymore. I’ve countered a fair share of swords today.

Being able to counter a sword doesn’t mean there is a counter. So far the only thing that can kinda counter the sword is the Hammer which doesn’t spawn on 4v4s with the Sword in play or the Repulser which delays the evitable. In my experience, you cannot melee a lunge attack to break shields or trade. Unfortunately, 343i took the Energy Sword’s equivalent and replaced it with the bulldog, which I don’t think I’ve seen spawn on maps with the Energy Sword.

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Technically your counter is range, but you can’t always guarantee that you’ll have that advantage.