Props were props are due

I think its time to give 343 the credit they deserve. Im going straight to the point and say that IMO H5 mp is one of the best in the series. the small additions added(spartan charge, clamber, ground pound, etc.) while still feeling like Halo…bruh. I tip my hat.

^ preach
H5 mp is great. It feels strangely like H2 with an update in gameplay mechanics and controls. 343 did a great job!

fantastic! like you said they came back with strong mechanics, and balanced mp. I am so pleased.

Agreed, wonderful job 343 :slight_smile:

Halo 5 looks really cool. They definately proved their worth. Anyone who hates it is a noob or just a 343 hater.

Yeah i agreed, Halo 5 is what Halo 4 should’ve been(okay the Story/Campaign in Halo 4 were already great)… good job 343i - storywise i can’t wait for halo 6