Props to those that spectate LSS after dying

I was in a 1v1, I look at the scoreboard and I see like 10 dead players still spectating,

I was down in the lava with a repulsor and I saw the enemy up top, I pulsed up with a shotgun a he saw me coming, we ended up killing each other at the last life making it a Tie. In front of practically an audience

I swear that must have been sick as hell to watch, like a movie ending there with two main characters


I’ll just play on my phone sometimes just not even watching just so the challenges don’t bug out and I get the aftermatch exp


I do sometimes watch but mostly I am “spectating” to make sure I get credited whilst doing something else.


I have to or challenges wint track hahaJ


Well, they might do that for 2 reasons:

  1. They want to imidiately see there progress for the challenges, battle pass and event pass
  2. On the 3rd party sites that keep score, it would otherwise still count as ‘DNF’ (Did Not Finish) and they don’t want that on their record, since others can be very judgy about that and don’t care what the reason for the DNF was.

I’ll usually watch the end if I finish in the top 4 or 5. If I get eliminated too early I just leave as I’d rather continue playing than spectate.

Half of the time, I’m not even spectating. I’m usually running around the house with my daughter annoying my wife til the match ends😂

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When it ends in a tie like that, everyone still in the game including the spectators gets 1st place.


That explains how I completed some a win match challenge I had the other day