Proposed Change to Halo 5 Campaign

Random half-baked thought:

What if instead of the Chief vs Locke fight being in a cutscene, it was part of one of the missions? I think it would’ve been cool to play as lock and have to fight Chief or vice versa. What do others think? I think that would’ve been way more fun of a boss fight than fighting the good ol warden eternal.

Honestly friend, I do not think they do, you can no longer change the lore. And knowing the players they would spend their time jumping from place to place avoiding fighting with the Master Chief, also I don’t think he is a traitor to shoot a human ally. He broke his relationship with his teammates from the blue team by never knowing that supposed side of the Master Chief

Could have been a fun idea, probably difficult to execute and why they avoided it though. what is done is done though and I am certain that no future changes to the campaign will be made.

Fighting master chief as a bot would be weird