Proposal to fix the Challenge System

The challenge system is fundamentally broken. Your primary form of progress should never be challenges.
My proposal:

  1. Overhaul challenge system with per match XP system.
  2. Get rid of weekly challenges, make more daily challenges, and make all challenges far more generic. Possibly even per match challenges that provide bonus match XP.
  3. Add a single, (optionally) handcrafted Ultimate Challenge every week - and make it an actual challenge (think Vidmaster, or unlocking the Hayabusa helmet), not just a “do x y number of times”.
  4. Weekly Ultimate Challenges should never expire. However, I do not think it would be out of order to need to “focus” a challenge, so that we have to earn it intentionally and can’t just work on a bunch of ultimate challenges simultaneously.
  5. (Optional) allow players to earn 1-5cR for completing all daily challenges.
  6. Add a Commendation system, per H4, where we can unlock specific cosmetics over a long period of time by playing the game a specific way that we want to. Similar to “prestige” in the CoD games.
  7. Add a general progression track, akin to Reach’s - this should take a LONG TIME to complete, should have some sort of badge system to easily denote player progression at a glance, and should have cosmetic rewards on its track.
  8. (Optional) Add an extremely long, slow-to-earn “Battle Pass” that can only be worked on when other battlepasses are completed (this could be another alternative way to earn cR, such that the store itself is effectively the battlepass)
    9 (Optional) Alternatively, cR could be earned by completing all daily challenges for a week straight or something.

What this does:

  1. Gets rid of FOMO
  2. Players no longer have to play gametypes/ways they don’t want in order to get any XP/weekly unlock
  3. Draws players back daily to earn more XP (and possibly cR)
  4. Draws players back weekly to earn more ultimate unlocks
  5. Incentivises players to buy more tokens so they have enough to purchase things they like from the shop, at a lower price than they normally would have to pay, through earning cR through normal gameplay.
  6. Significantly increases player retention over a long period of time, and gives them something to work on when their battlepasses are complete.

Everyone wins here, and this is not a challenging system to implement - especially if your focus is not wasted on ruining singleplayer fun or lowering the skill ceiling.