Proposal - "Fun & Games" forum

So as some of you may know, almost all of the "Rate the… " forums have been locked. Yes, there was valid reasoning behind the choice to have them locked. But I have a proposal, a “Fun & Games” section in which these types of threads can flourish.

I’m sure there were AT LEAST some of us who enjoyed those forums. They were fun, simple, and never provoked any sort of fight (despite the occasional passive-aggressiveness). So I believe it would be beneficial if they were able to exist in a “Fun & Games” forum.

One of the reasons the "Rate the… " forums were locked was because it was just about the same people over and over again. Well, if these were moved to a, I’ll say it again, “Fun & Games” forum, then it would advertise their existence to more people, thus allowing for more people to post which would mean not the same few people over and over again.

Not to mention, well… it would just make some of us happy :slight_smile:

Threads like the “3-Word Halo Story!”, and of course, the "Rate the… " are prime examples of things that could exist in a “Fun & Games”.

Oh, and BTW, I believe this is the appropriate song for the "Rate the… " forums demise. For some of us, anyway… (I just love the Dark World soundtrack, don’t you?)

That just screams “Spam fest” to me. And moderating a section like that would be like moderating an off topic section.

So I vote no. :stuck_out_tongue: