Proposal for an Improved Armor Coating System


I have not been an active forum user in many years, but I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while. I would assume this may be the best way to reach out to the developers so here goes.

I’m making this post to address the current armor coating system in place, and to propose a way 343i can consider implementing to improve it.


Now as we all know, Halo Infinite has done away with Primary and Secondary color system that every prior title has used and iterated upon in favor of the coating system featured in Infinite. Coatings allow 343i to produce highly curated skins for armor, allowing artists the freedom to customise channels such as colors, materials, patterns, textures down to a per-piece level.

Although coatings are visually impressive, I believe this severely neutered Player Expression. Players could no longer equip specific color combinations they have been using over the last 20 years. Players have no choice but to compromise and use a coating they may not be completely satisfied with or wait an uncertain amount of time until their preferred color combination becomes available for use (either through the battle pass or the store).

I understand that because Halo Infinite adopted a Free-to-Play model it had to find ways it could monetise elements to sustain itself. However, on the flipside I hope it’s abundantly clear why players are expressing their frustrations with the coating system in this game; especially one rooted in legacy and expectation that prior titles have established.

Hence, I would like to propose the idea of the introduction of a “Custom Coating” System.

My Idea - Custom Coatings

I believe it would be amazing if Halo Infinite could find a middle ground between the current system in place and the legacy of Player Choice. I think this could be achieved with the introduction of what I dub a “Custom Coating” to the game.

Essentially, this would be an option that the Player may select from their list of coatings. This coating would allow the Player to pick colors of their choice from a preset list. However, it would be somewhat rudimentary, only allowing players to customise like 2 or 3 color channels (think Primary, Secondary, Tertiary).

In turn, I believe this would then allow paid/unlockable coatings to feel more “premium” and justifiable - offering unique patterns, textures and materials, etc to separate itself from the basic Custom Coating. In my mind, this would also encourage 343i to place more effort into making armor coatings far more unique looking instead of just slight variations regular colors.

In Conclusion

I think it goes without saying, but I’m clearly not a Game Developer and have no idea how feasible the implementation of something like this is. That being said, I’d like to believe this idea for a Custom Coating would be an acceptable way to build off of and iterate on the current system in place. It would not impede 343i’s ability to monetise Coatings while offering a solution for legacy fans to satiate the desire for Player Expression.

So what do you think? Could you see a system like this working? Do you have any suggestions? I know there’s a lot of other underlying issues with Infinite, but I think something like this would certainly be a step in the right direction for the game.

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You can help me keep trying but I’ve been screaming custom colors or customizable coatings. Look for my forum post called can we get lear MTX back?

Coatings need to go. Period. There are so many other routes to monetize

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